The house in Westwood

All photos courtesy of Sue Adler

The house we owned in Westwood was a beautiful Tudor built in the 1930’s.  It wasn’t perfect, to be sure, but it was our dream house.  We bought the house in 2006 for $970,000.  According to Zillow, it is now worth $742,600.

This is a photo of the infamous kitchen.  It was definitely the ugliest room in the house.  Not only were the cabinets made of a cheap particle board that was buckling under the weight of the granite, but the design did not complement the house.  When you entered the kitchen you felt like you’d entered an HGTV show about kitchen remodels gone awry.

The Pilates studio was perfect.  I painted the walls a sand color and the ceiling a quiet blue.  It was a calm, peaceful space different from the bustle of typical gyms: it was a place for busy moms to escape their lives and focus on their own health.  

This was my son, Drew’s, room.  He had a nice size room.  As you can see it held a double bed, desk, bookcase, and bureau handily.  (And no, it never looked this neat in real life).

Above was our master bedroom.  There is a stark contrast between this bedroom and the one we currently occupy in Shaker Heights.  We went from muted colors and minimalism to a pink room with gauzy curtains and Laura Ashley wallpaper.  Now we enjoy a design aesthetic best described as Holly Hobby, not city chic.

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