Hollywood’s take on the financial crisis

In the weeks and months that followed my husband’s job loss, we sold our house, downsized, rented, and constantly adjusted our lifestyles.  We made changes frequently, because the economy sputtered along lifelessly, forcing us to continually re-evaluate our housing, the state we lived in, healthcare, schooling, entertainment, even the stores we frequented.

Life was tumultuous, and because I knew few who were experiencing life as I was, I was constantly searching for information.  I needed some way to understand my experiences, to frame them.  I felt if I had that, I wouldn’t feel so alone and helpless, and I might have a better chance of digging my family out of the very deep economic hole we inhabited.

The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal were great sources of information, as were Sorkin’s Too Big to Fail and Lewis’s The Big Short.  But now I thought I’d look for different sources: I decided to see how Hollywood was interpreting these events.

So for fun, on Friday nights, I dragged my husband to the basement to watch a few movies.  The first one was Matt Damon’s documentary on the crisis, Inside Job:

Then, A big fan of the book, I could not miss HBO’s Too Big to Fail:

And finally, after waiting along with over 400 people for the opportunity to see Margin Call, we finally picked it up from the local library and watched it immediately.  This movie was a fictional account and was my least favorite of the three.

Do you know of any great sources of information regarding the financial crisis, either books or movies?  If so, I’d love to know what they are.  After all, a financial crisis junky is always looking for more to read and watch!

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