About the Book

This photo was taken at a 4th of July parade in Chesapeake.
After selling in Westwood, we downsized and rented in Chesapeake.


My book* is a memoir about me, Christine, a woman whose life is turned upside down by the financial collapse of 2008.  My husband’s resulting job loss leads to a series of life developments that challenge my sense of self.  I find my roles as mother, wife, friend, and business woman are all slippery constructs easily shattered by economic circumstances.  Who am I?  Who are my friends?  What kind of mother am I?  How do I provide for my children?  What kind of wife do I want to be? 

Over the course of several years, I trade my glossy life as a banker’s wife for a far less glamorous, and far more challenging, new existence.  I was once a woman who plotted my first Botox injections and sent my children to pricey Montessori schools; now I begin to see life anew as I struggle with the loss of financial stability.

My challenges in New Jersey, where I begin my story, ultimately lead to a move back to my home town, to the gritty city of Cleveland.  Here, my family and I find a safe haven in my parents’ home, where I attempt to reinvent myself.

*The names of some people and places have been fictionalized; given the complexities and drama of the story, it is the only fair thing to do.

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